Seeds Of The Crone

Naomi Khan

Naomi Khan has had more than 30 years of experience offering counsel and guidance through creative healing processes, mask making, drumming, rhythm, dream work, movement and trance work.  Her life passion is to guide you to:

  • Find your largest conversation with the Cosmos

  • Know your soul niche in these times of chaos

  • Allow the gift of who you are to be fully here

  • Transform conditioned patterns

  • Heal old wounds

  • Become more you

  • Access your creative nature and expression

Naomi has had the opportunity to study with teachers who are masters in their fields. They are teachers who delve into archetypal truths, the essence of what is versus a specific flavor. They are all master shape shifters and teachers of conscious trance states, teachers of character and of calling us to our largest self.

These teachers have taught me much about human and other than human nature, of wilding and helping others to find their indigenous self in connection with culture, of the nature of soul , shape shifting, of the deliciousness of our multiplicity and diversity, of the value of shadow and death as well as light and life.

Naomi Khan has been influenced by great story tellers and myth makers such as Michael Meade and Clarissa Pincola Estes’.

Poets such as Rumi, Hafiz, Mary Oliver, David Whyte, Rilke, my children, clients, neighbors, lovers, and nature have been some of my most  amazing teachers.

Naomi received a Masters in Clinical Social Work in 1973.  She has found learning to be in unexpected places.  In following her longings and  connecting with her Body Song, finding her unique way of belonging .she hopes to inspire you to embody your song and bring it to the world. You are needed


Formal Teachers:

Stephen Gilligan , Ericksonian Hypnosis

Angeles Arrien , The Four Fold Way

Sandra Ingerman, Shamanism

Reinhard and Cornelia Flatishler, Rhythm for Evolution, TaKeTiNa

Joanna Macy, The Work that Reconnects

                             Bill Plotkin, Soulcraft, Nature and the Human Soul

Informal Teachers:

My sons who have taught me about love.

My clients who have taught me about courage.

My friends who have taught me how to have heart and meaning.

My relationships which have taught me about tenacity and the ability to look again.

My family of origin who have taught me about being seen and the power of our story and story telling.

Wild Nature which has taught me about what it is to be human and to love deeply  the "more than humans"