Seeds Of The Crone 

Naomi Khan is in Re-Firement.

Naomi. in her seventh decade is in RE-FIREMENT. She is a guide to a Larger Conversation.

Naomi is a navigator, guide, catalyst, and map-quester all in service to calling forth the gift of who you are. Naomi will  lovingly accompany and fiercely question, invite, entice and cajole, you to fully embrace your gifts, self compassion and co-creativity and enter into  your largest conversation with this Cosmic Dance which we are all a part.  This at the center of her work of dispersing seeds:  to invite you to live your life as if you matter and thus  begin tending to the future generations.

Naomi invites you to wildly dream,  to embody The many- faceted Jewel that you are, to offer your specific Gifts to Self, intimate other, and the world.

Naomi Khan has been guiding, mentoring and souling with people for more than 30 years. Her invitation is to help you find and live in your largest conversation with the cosmos.

Naomi uses rhythm, storytelling, drumming, poetry, song, dream work, connection with wild nature, movement, creativity, healing and wholing practices , as ways of accessing this conversation with self, other, community and the world.

• She is a map quester, sniffing for patterns that keep the conversation small and then encouraging, supporting, and challenging you to find the deep structure. maps that can allow your particular jewels to come into the larger conversation.

• A community catalyst inviting all to come to the dance and to bring all your senses and full self in these times of hospicing the death of one era and midwifing the birth of another.

• A Three World Traveler inviting you to dismember, remember and member again. To bring your one of a kind Body Song to the world.

*Naomi leads TaKeTiNa rhythm groups and meditations, mask making, collage, rituals, performs Archetypal Theater, and sees groups, individuals, and couples. For more info or to make an appointment call: 503.588.7620 or email: naomikhan14@