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Nourishments, Enchantments and Allies with Naomi Khan

Starting Jar 23- March 17 I will be offering groups with a specific focus for each Season to support ourselves and each other in a journey of Nourishments, Enchantments and Allies. We will use rhythm, art, movement, poetry song, story and healing practices to cultivate our Wholeness and Presence in our fragmented times.

Naomi Khan brings compassion, love, humor, depth and wisdom to her work with all beings. She is on a mission to encourage humans to bring their wholeness and largest conversation to these times of seeming chaos. Naomi has had more than 30 years of experience offering individuals, couples and groups guidance using creative healing processes, energy psychology, mask making, drumming, rhythm, dream work, movement, art, our connection with the wild, to facilitate Wholeness and bring forth the Gift of who we are.

All offerings are drop in groups. Please let me know at least three days ahead if you are coming.

First Sundays of the month

9 am-12 pm

Offering: $25-$50 (talk to me if you need other arrangements)

Salem, OR

Third Sundays (In order to attend 3rd Sundays you must have come to one of the 1st Sunday. Third Sundays will focus on Shadow, Protectors, Demons, Escapists, Wounds.

9 am-12 pm

Offering: $25-$45

Third Sundays Art Collage Afternoons (You can attend if you have come to any of the groups through out the season)

Third Sunday afternoon

1:30 pm-3:30 pm

Offering $25-$50 plus a $5 materials fee

Fourth Sundays Theta Journey No experience necessary

10 am-1 pm

offering; $25-$50

Space is limited in all groups so please call to reserve your spot.

Contact 503.588.7620 naomikhan14@gmail.com

all groups held at 2111 Front St NE, Building 2, 201-B, Salem, Oregon

We are called throughout our life to shed our conditioning, to allow ourselves to be fully and wildly human. Not an easy task in a culture that often teaches us not to know our Embodied Self. In these particular times, where huge polarities are more and more transparent, we are deeply to find our ground and show up in the deep gift of who we are.

Where are we not nourished inside and out ? When we are not in nourishing ground we are often in survival mode. Our only choices become to isolate, become toxic and wage war internally and externally. We need each other and practices to be fully Nourished.

Where have we lost our Enchantment with ourselves and the world? If we lose our awe and wonder, our song, our dance, and the way of our mythic poetic story our unigue gift is lost to the wrold. We need to revitalize our Enchantment with the World and ourselves as part of the dance.

Where have we forgotten how to nourish and connect with our Allies ? Without knowing how to open our senses, to be a part of wild nature in our human and more than human world, we can’t access our Allies to support a journey of Enchantment and Nourishment. Allies, human, mythical, more than human, and otherwise are needed so we can bring the many faceted jewel of who we are to this cosmic dance.

First Sundays of the month will focus on particular Allies and Archetypes for that Season. All first Sundays are open to everyone. They are drop in groups and don’t require previous attendance.

To attend Second Sundays you need to have been to at least one of the first Sunday of that month. We will be working with the Shadow aspects of The Allies and Archetypes we worked with on first Sundays.

Each Month on the afternoon of the third Sunday I will offer Collage Art working with images that arise to deepen deepen what arises. You only need to attend one group session of the Season in order to come any Art event.

I will now be offering on fourth Sundays, 10 am-1 pm a theta Journey group open to all.

Join me and fellow adventurers for this creative time of gathering together to support each other on our paths.. Please share with those who might be interested.
with gratitude
Naomi Khan

“Naomi lovingly and wisely provides a container for deepening into our authentic selves and expanding our connection to community and cosmos. After a powerful experience of working with one of my demons, this prayer emerged.”

A Miser's Prayer

Today, there is enough time to do and be

      enough food to eat

      enough love to live

      enough life to love 

I lay my vigilance aside, let it rest

I am spacious, flowing, infinite, free.”

Love, Janet

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