Seeds Of The Crone

Rhythm is one of the most powerful pleasures, and when we feel a pleasurable rhythm we hope it will continue, when it does it grows sweeter. When it becomes reliable we are in a kind of Body Heaven”
-Mary Oliver-

Ta Ke Ti Na

Ta Ke Ti Na is a rhythmic moving meditation that allows individuals to experience the power of rhythm using the body as the primary instrument. This allows you to contact the rhythm directly allowing for lasting change and learning.

In the experience of Ta Ke Ti Na the group is guided into simple patterns of steps and claps that embody different pulses, all built upon vocal mantras. The leader guides the group into call- response singing which alternates between reinforcing the rhythms and challenging the group to stay in rhythm. The collective gains confidence as it falls out of rhythm and finds its way back into rhythm. Individuals begin transforming inner obstacles as they resolve these challenges.

You are invited to learn at your own pace in a group of varying abilities. Ta Ke Ti Na is an ideal way to break through the beliefs and old patterns that have inhibited you. Everyone can benefit.

What Ta Ke Ti Na provides in the realm of daily life:

  • Profound inner silence & learn to deeply relax.
  • Musical creativity & learn to stay focused over a long period of time.
  • Rhythmic body-consciousness & learn to deal with complexity in a creative and effective way.
  • The ability to express yourself through your voice /lose the fear of making mistakes - which allows you to make fewer mistakes.
  • Rhythmic comptetence & develop simultaneous perception.
  • Encounter mirrors for personal processes that enables you to transform behavior paterns that inhibit your life and your relationships/learn to move in your life with more confidence

Austrian composer and percussionist Reinhard Flatischler developed Ta Ke Ti Na in 1970. Today it is applied worldwide in the field of education and therapy in music universities, hospitals, rehabilitation-clinics, psychotherapy practices and pain therapy. It is also used in work with theater groups and corporate trainings. The effects that the Ta Ke Ti Na Rhythm Process have on the nervous system are researched and verified in various projects with scientists and physicians.