In bringing grief out of the shadows we feel the desire for life and remember who we are, where we belong, and what is sacred . . . To be human is to know loss in many forms . . . There is vitality in every emotion, in whatever life offers to us in the moment.   - Francis Weller

Living Deeply

Embodying Grief and Praise


Grief and praise are intimately connected. Their expression—witnessed, seen, felt, and heard in connection with others—is crucial to our personal well-being, the health of our community and the vitality of the planet. Unfortunately, grief is often expressed only in private. When it is expressed in public, others want to fix it or banish it. Instead, grief is meant to be deeply felt, expressed and listened to. 

We are not meant to grieve alone. It is a gift to ourselves and our community to express, embody and be witness to the grief we feel for the planet, personal loss, transitions, unrealized dreams, ways we have been hurt or have hurt others. Releasing grief to its flowing state also releases and allows our joy and praise songs to come forth for what we love and cherish.

Naomi Khan and Janet Burkhart are offering a place for adults to explore our grief and praise together. The group’s purpose is not to resolve issues. Instead, Living Deeply offers the opportunity to become a village of deep listening and non-linear learning through the practices of writing, drumming, movement, singing and sound, poetry, stories and councils.

Janet is a former minister of 25 years and a recently licensed massage therapist whose larger focus is on helping create a healthy future for the planet. Naomi is a community catalyst and a former psychotherapist with more than 30 years of experience. She seeks to engage others in their largest conversation possible. Together they are on a mission to create spaces, processes and support for witnessing, embodying and listening deeply to each other’s grief, praise and joy in the context of village.