What are these targets in my head?

What are these targets in my head/? And who are these people milling about as if nothing is happening? I am not this city, yet my head feels this way. I am not this crowd, yet a part of me knows I am cluttered with things of little or no importance, of violence toward self other and earth. I am angry at these people milling about as the drone bomber comes toward my marked head with it's green numbers. Who programed this drone to attack this sequence. I am not this city, this culture that does such things yet I contribute to these atrocities in so many conscious and unconscious ways., collectively and personally. This is the opposite of protecting the innocence or cultivating the wild or being a guardian of the future beings, yet I am tasked by this moon to do just such a thing in these times and these conditions of which I am a part. To be sacred prey and scared predator and praiser, song singer. So I am the bomber and the bombed, I am the people milling about in the cement not awake to what is happening and perhaps a part of me is willing to be the targeted and the target to crack open the cement of brain and city to what is beneath perhaps I am the terrorist and the terror. The wailing begins to this Gemini full moon.