Naomi’s method of teaching inspired my soul. I found a new way of tapping into my creativity.
— Dennis Creole Forestry Salem, OR
Naomi makes me giggle. Out loud. Every time. Or she listens deeply to my woe, holding a space for tears to flow, companioning with me as I unwind the snarl of life’s latest challenge.
— Patricia Falls Business Owner Minneapolis, MN
Through TaKeTiNa, I’ve experienced an amazing increased sense of space and ease as I fall into the rhythms. This sense continues into my daily life even after the TaKeTiNa sessions are over. As with all things, the effect is sometimes elusive - which is why I so love to reconnect to rhythm through ongoing TaKeTiNa sessions. Naomi really makes TaKeTiNa fun and powerful at the same time! I always leave Naomi’s TaKeTiNa circles feeling really energized, relaxed and connected!
— Bob Welsh, Salem, Oregon